C-130 Microvanes - General Overview

Microvanes are small aerodynamic components that are surface mounted to the fuselage of the aircraft effectively reshaping the air flow around the aft cargo door, reducing the total drag on the aircraft and in turn reducing fuel and thrust requirements.

Tested with the C-130J and C-130H, committing 18,000 flight hours spanning over 10 years, data shows that the addition of the Microvanes provide as much as four percent fuel savings at cruise conditions, extended time in flight, and significant reduction on inboard engine wear. This intense flight testing has been conducted to optimize the Microvanes effectiveness and to verify no adverse impact on airdrop operations from the ramp or paratroop door.

Microvanes Deliver Value

  • Significantly reduced fuel consumption
  • Extended time on mission, increased range
  • Increased payload capability
  • Reduced engine wear
  • Widened engine maintenance window
  • Reduced take-off and landing cycles


  • Retrofits to existing aircraft extending aircraft life
  • Rapid 3D manufacturing uses less energy, low scrap, no retooling
  • Short lead time to delivery of approximately 6-8 weeks from order
  • Globally available, easy to procure, no stocking or ITAR requirement
  • Reduces harmful emissions with light-weight material and lower fuel burn
  • Affordably priced for fast return on investment

Microvanes have proven to be the single most cost effective improvement for rear cargo aircraft with airdrop capability due to their low upfront cost, ease of installation, and minimal aircraft downtime

Download Microvanes Executive Overview Here