A global leader in the integration and certification of next-generation aerospace components.

By using advanced manufacturing processes and state-of-the-art materials, we seek new and innovative ways to improve aircraft performance and simplify the supply chain to accelerate the future of military and commercial aerospace.

Our flagship product, MicrovanesTM, is proven to reduce fuel consumption by up to four percent at cruise conditions depending on aircraft type and configuration, while also reducing engine wear. We are also preparing to launch additional drag reduction technology that will further improve aircraft performance and reduce fuel consumption. Finally, we have a proven, repeatable process for production and certification of next-generation aerospace components.

Metro Aerospace Microvanes
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Joe D’Cruz
Executive Chairman
Tim Watkins
Tim Watkins
Minority Owner, Advisor to the Executive Chairman
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Metro Aerospace benefits from the extensive strategic and operational expertise and proven track record of Catalyze Partners, which has successfully facilitated the introduction of numerous groundbreaking products into new markets.