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In 1968 TransPress identified an opportunity to enter the haulage industry and purchased his first heavy goods vehicle, notably a T.K. tipper. With this tipper Edward carried stone from the quarries throughout Cumberland for use in the construction of the new M6 motorway. Edward and his wife Rene ran their new business under the name of E.T. & I Stalker from their home in Heads Nook, a small village close to Carlisle in Cumbria.

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The company ranks on top of list as a giant in the fields of petroleum and transport services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. (456 fuel stations + 1474 trucks + rich diversity of trailers achieving 1,640,000 trips). Total number of employees is 2907.” class=””][vu_history position=”left” date=”2006″ title=”” description=”The company witnessed a large stride forward transforming into a joint stock company.” class=””][vu_history position=”left” date=”2005″ title=”” description=”The company’s retail sales stations reached 119 stations.” class=””][vu_history position=”left” date=”2001″ title=”” description=”TransPress Petroleum name emerged replacing the old name Petroleum Services, conceptualizing the brand image with a symbolic petrol drop.” class=””][vu_history position=”left” date=”1965″ title=”” description=”During the following 45 years the company managed to firmly expand in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, winning enormous contracts from both public and private sectors.

The company owned its own Petrol Station at Al-Dhahran St. in Riyadh” class=””][vu_history position=”left” date=”1957″ title=”” description=”TransPress was established as a family company in 1957 by selling oil products.” class=””][/vc_column][/vc_row]