Microvanes Save Fuel for the Royal Netherlands Air Force


On 14 October 2020, the first Royal Netherlands Air Force C-130 Hercules flew from Eindhoven Air Base, Netherlands with drag-reducing Microvanes.

Royal Netherlands Air Force personnel installed the Microvanes during the first week of October. The Microvanes were delivered earlier this year, but installation was delayed due to a heavy operational schedule in support of COVID relief operations.

Microvanes are an “off the shelf” modification designed by the aircraft manufacturer Lockheed-Martin and sold by Metro Aerospace of Dallas, Texas. The Microvanes improve airflow over the aft portion of the aircraft fuselage, yielding fuel savings of approximately 4% and a related reduction in CO2 emissions.

Microvanes are scheduled to be installed on a total of four Royal Netherlands Air Force C-130H aircraft, and the investment is expected to be recouped within one year.