Nigerian Air Force goes greener with purchase of Microvanes

Written by defenseWeb – August 20, 2019

The Nigerian Air Force has purchased Microvanes 3D printed vanes from Metro Aerospace LLC and will use them on their fleet of C-130 Hercules transport aircraft to improve fuel efficiency.

The purchase marks Africa becoming the fourth continent to invest in the cost-effective green technology.

According to a statement released by Metro Aerospace, the decision for the air branch of one of the largest forces in Africa to invest in the technology was due to the Microvanes’ proven ability to save fuel and reduce carbon emissions.

Lockheed Martin Corporation’s patented technology, which is licensed to Metro Aerospace, is attached to the fuselage of an aircraft and works by reshaping air flow and reducing drag. This reduces fuel consumption by three to six percent, which in turn lowers emissions.

“By providing fuel reduction of up to 30 gallons (115 litres) per hour, Microvanes saves companies and military organizations millions of dollars every year – and this doesn’t include the reduced wear and tear on engines,” says Leslie Peters, CEO of Metro Aerospace. “We are delighted that the Nigerian Air Force has selected Microvanes to improve their fleet’s operating efficiencies and reduce carbon emissions.”

“Adding Microvanes to the Nigerian fleet further substantiates their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint both domestically and internationally,” says Damon Ward, Executive Chairman of Metro Aerospace. “The ease of installation of our product and the overall fuel savings make the installation of Microvanes a very compelling business case.”

The installation is scheduled for later this year.