Press Release: Metro Aerospace and Lynden Air Cargo Complete Plans to Equip Microvanes™ on Hercules Fleet

Dallas, TX – Metro Aerospace, LLC. and Lynden Air Cargo announced today plans for Lynden Air Cargo to outfit their C-130/L-382 Hercules fleet with drag reducing Microvanes™. Originally announced late in 2018, Lynden Air Cargo installed Microvanes on one of their long-haul transport Hercules aircraft after obtaining FAA STC. With immediate results posted on their maiden and subsequent voyages, Lynden is planning installations over the upcoming year for the rest of their fleet.

Leslie Peters, President and CEO of Metro Aerospace, said, “We are delighted that Lynden Air Cargo has seen the drag reducing results that Microvanes bring and decided to purchase for the remainder of their fleet. Not only are they improving their fleet’s operating efficiencies, they are significantly reducing carbon emissions which helps them to further achieve their Green Initiatives.”

Lynden, winner of the Green Star in Alaska, has had an intense focus on Green Initiatives, and with Microvanes they’ve found that small changes add up to big savings. With just over 900 flight hours banked on their Microvane fitted Herc, not only are they significantly saving fuel, they’ve estimated a reduction in carbon emissions by more than 505,764 pounds.

Ethan Bradford, Head of Lynden Air Cargo’s Technical Services, said, “We are impressed with the results we have achieved with our initial Microvane installation, and look forward to installing on the rest of our Hercs over the next year. By installing Microvanes we will substantially contribute to our goal of reducing carbon emissions while providing services to our customers safely, efficiently, and in record time.”

About Metro Aerospace:

Metro Aerospace, LLC, headquarter in Dallas, Texas, USA, holds the exclusive global license to manufacture and supply Microvanes, a technology invented, tested, and patented by Lockheed Martin.

About Lynden Air Cargo:

Lynden Air Cargo, headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska, USA, is the world’s largest operator of the Civil L-100 aircraft providing over-sized and bulk freight services within bush Alaska and remote locations around the world.