Qualification for Microvanes at Metro Aerospace

Metro Aerospace, LLC has been producing 3D printed Microvanes™, a revolutionary aerospace technology that reduces drag on  large aircraft for both military and commercial use, since 2016. Metro Aerospace utilizes on demand 3D printing to create flexible, yet sturdy Microvanes that are placed on the  aft fuselage of each aircraft.

Metro Aerospace goes through a rigorous qualification and manufacturing process to ensure that each Microvane that is produced is  high-quality and conforms to extremely tight specifications. The material used to build Microvanes is laboratory tested before it can be used to manufacture each 3D printed part.

Density, strength and melting point are all tested to ensure the material can withstand the extreme changes in temperature and pressure that occur on the exterior of an aircraft during flight. If the material is too brittle, Microvanes will break or crack during long flight hours, but if the material is too flexible, they will not create the right vortexes to optimally reduce drag on the aircraft. The Microvanes are subsequently tested after manufacturing to ensure 100% part conformance.

The selective laser sintering (SLS) machines that are used to manufacture Microvanes must also go through a certification and qualification process in order to be used for production.

Metro Aerospace is AS9100 D certified and follows all standards  to guarantee that both military and commercial customers receive only the highest quality product that will withstand years of use.

For a glimpse into this process and the quality of Microvanes produced by Metro Aerospace, check out this article on www.3dsystems.com.