Pricing & Availability

Pricing & Availability

Microvanes are a proven and tested drag-reducing product for the Hercules, priced affordably with a fast return on investment (ROI). The Microvane-related products include Microvanes themselves, made up of 20 unique vanes approximately 9” x 2” x 2” that are adhered to the aircraft’s fuselage, and a Locating Fixture that is a tool used for positioning Microvanes in the proper location on the fuselage.

Microvane Product Pricing

  • Commercial pricing for Microvanes is $125,000 USD per ship set; volume order discounts negotiable.
  • Locating Fixture tool (reusable) is $55,000 USD.


Installation fees and associated cost to be determined separately. Installation can be conducted by an authorized Lockheed Martin C-130 Service Center or on premise by the customer’s trained personnel. Note that Metro Aerospace additionally offers on premise training in the form of a hands-on installation workshop, in the train-the-trainer format.


Lead time of the Microvane kit is approximately six (6) weeks after receipt of order, depending on order quantity.

All parts are manufactured and produced in the USA; no ITAR restrictions related to shipping.

Rapid Return on Investment

The drag on the tail section associated with the upswept aft fuselages present on large cargo transports like the Hercules accounts for 11 percent of the total drag on the aircraft. By extensively testing Microvanes on both the C-130H and C-130J, it has been proven the aircraft drag is reduced in a range of 15 to 25 points which can result in fuel savings of four percent at cruise conditions, significantly lowering operating cost, while extending flight time and enhancing payload capacity.


A simple analysis based on the drag reduction and corresponding fuel savings can provide a rough estimate of the annual operating savings you can achieve based on fuel savings alone, not including any engine wear reduction, or added benefits such as extended time on mission and increased payload capacity. To customize your own fuel savings analysis, simply download the Excel file below and enter your flight hours and cost of fuel.